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<h1>Arabidopsis lyrata (Apr 2011) version 1.0 (Aryl1) genome assembly</h1>
The files listed below are formatted for visualization in the Integrated Genome
Browser, available from <a href=""></a>.
The gene model annotation file (A_lyrata_Apr_2011.bed.gz) was made from GFF and gene information files from Phytozome. 
The file named annotation.gtf.gz is from iPlant. It has been sorted, compressed with bgzip, and indexed using tabix for faster loading into IGB.
The file named A_lyrata_Apr_2011.2bit contains sequence data. It
was made from fasta file from iPlant/Ensembl. To convert it back
to fasta, use twoBitToFa. 
The file
<a href="genome.txt">genome.txt</a> lists sequences and their sizes and was made from the 2bit sequence file using twoBitInfo.
You can get twoBitInfo, twoBitToFa, faToTwoBit, and related programs from <a href=""></a>.
For more information about the sequence and annotation files, see the
named <a href="">Alyrata hosted
at BitBucket</a>. Also
see <a href="">this Biostars
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]A_lyrata_Apr_2011.2bit27-Sep-2018 13:19 49MSequence data in blat 2bit format
[   ]A_lyrata_Apr_2011.bed.gz27-Sep-2018 13:19 1.8MAnnotation or junction file
[   ]A_lyrata_Apr_2011.bed.gz.tbi27-Sep-2018 13:19 105KTabix index file
[   ]annotation.gtf.gz27-Sep-2018 13:19 5.0M 
[   ]annotation.gtf.gz.tbi27-Sep-2018 13:19 111KTabix index file
[TXT]annots.xml27-Sep-2018 13:19 801 Annotation and data file list
[TXT]genome.txt27-Sep-2018 13:19 12KChromosome lengths and assembly information
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